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SharpLight IPL Laser Treatments

We are proud to be the first in West Vancouver  to offer the SharpLight Technology.sharplight1

Laser Hair Removal

Non-invasive clean and relatively painless treatment for permanent reduction of hair on any body area.


By using SharpLight Systems we are proud to offer the ultimate solution for hair reduction treatment. Non-invasive, clean and almost painless, SharpLight System allows for the permanent reduction of hair and is suitable for any area of the body.

Patients should return for examination 6 weeks after the treatment ( depending on the area). This procedure should be continued until patient is satisfied with the results.

Pre Treatment Preparation
Intentional skin tanning must be avoided.  This includes the use of self-tanning creams and lotions.  Sunscreen is advisable when outdoors during daylight hours.

Electrolysis, waxing and tweezing must be avoided for 6 weeks prior to and between your treatments.

Shave the treatment area within 2 days of your treatment as unshaved hair prevents the delivery of energy down to the base of the follicle.

Arrive for your treatment with clean skin, free of lotion, makeup, bath products and deodorant.

Post Treatment Instructions
Avoid sun exposure to the treated area during the first few weeks after treatment.  Use an SPF of at least 30 with frequent reapplication to exposed areas.  In cases where a blister or ulceration of the skin occurs, this should be treated with a topical antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin.  It is important to discuss with your treatment provider if you experience this complication.

Exercise, hot tubs etc., should be avoided for 12 and up to 24 hours post treatment, depending on post treatment response.  If you feel warmth or see redness in the treatment area after 12 hours, continue to avoid raising your body temperature.

IPL Photo Facial

Achieve a healthier glow and texture by stimulating new collagen production in the face, neck, decollate and hands for a younger and fresher look.


IPL photo facial with SharpLight™ systems gives a younger, glowing look to your skin. It simultaneously treats the three main elements of sun-damaged, environmentally-polluted and aging skin by coagulating blood vessels, eliminating pigmented spots and improving skin texture. IPL photo facial treatments are suitable for the face, neck, chest and hands; treating sun spots, small dilated blood vessels called telangiectasias; and skin textural changes such as small lines and enlarged pores. This treatment can be offered with no signs of irritation after. You can even do it over your lunch break. It is recommended that clients do a series of six treatments one month apart. A photo rejuvenation facial continues repairing the skin up to two months post treatment. The results are not permanent as we cannot stop the aging process and results need to be maintained. Each treatment is booked for 30 minutes and consult is always performed prior to any procedures.

Due to the gentle nature of the procedure, multiple treatments (4-6) are recommended for the maximum possible result.

    • Stop using Retin-A®, Renova® (or other retinoid containing products), exfoliating sponges/scrubs, glycolic, alpha and/or beta hydroxyl acid and vitamin C at least 24 hours before your treatment. No Accutane for 6 months before treatment. These products/medications increase photosensitivity and can increase likelihood of complications.
    • Avoid all sun exposure for 48 hours prior to treatment. You should not be tanned or sunburned while receiving IPL treatments. Avoid tanning or tanning creams for at least 2 weeks prior to treatments.
    • The use of any aspirin, ibuprofen and other anti inflammatory or blood thinning medications may increase the risk of bruising therefore please consult your physician before discontinuing the use of any medication before treatment.
    • If you have a history of cold sores/herpes, you may wish to start an anti-herpetic medicine 48 hours before treatment.
    • A mild to moderate sunburned feeling may persist in the treated areas for the next 2-3 days. Cold compresses may be applied and you may take over the counter pain or anti inflammatory medication. Topical 2% hydrocortisone cream may be applied to decrease any itching or skin irritation.
    • Freckles and sun spots will darken over the next few days and then gradually fade in 7-10 days. They will appear less pigmented and fade with treatments.
    • Facial veins will be red and may have mild swelling. There may also be some bruising. This will resolve in 7-14 days.
    • Makeup can be applied as long as the skin is not broken. Microdermabrasion can be used 7-10 days after your treatment to help with exfoliation if needed.
    • Do not use Retin-A®, Renova® (or other retinoid containing products), abrasive or exfoliating sponges/scrubs, glycolic, beta, or alcohol containing solutions for 24 hours. Use gentle unscented cleansers to wash and do not rub the skin.
    • Protect your skin with a sunscreen of  at least SPF 30 every morning before going outdoors for the next 6 weeks to avoid sun induced brown discoloration of the skin
    • To avoid dilation of blood vessels, which decreases the effectiveness of the treatment, avoid hot tubs, hot showers, and exercise for the next 24 hours. Quick, warm showers are recommended.
    • If the skin is broken or blister appears, wash gently twice a day and apply an antibiotic ointment. The area(s) should be kept lubricated to prevent crusting or scabbing. Do not pick the area(s) or expose to sunlight.
    • Hair growth may be impaired in the treated areas.

Vascular and Pigmentation Spots

Very effective treatment for age spots and broken capillaries.vascular

Prior to your first treatment, a certified SharpLight Technician will complete a full consultation, and perform a Skin Test to determine optimal device settings for your skin type. You will also be given homecare instructions for the treatment area for before and after your treatment.

Acne Treatment

The treatment of acne using pulsed-light is constantly gaining among patients seeking a drug-free alternative to treat chronic, common skin disease that affects up to 80%  of individuals at some time in their life.

SharpLight’s system provides very satisfactory results in the treatment of mild and moderate inflammatory acne, by reducing the number of papules and postules by 60-65 %. This is achieved using three effective, safe and reliable clinical mechanisms: visible blue light absorption to destroy the bacteria, yellow light to coagulate the feeding blood vessels and infraed light to dry the lesions.

The treatment schedule is twice a week for 4-5 weeks.

Best visible results a month after the last treatment.


  1. The treated area may appear red after your session is complete. If your skin feels slightly warm, apply a cool ice pack to the treated area when you get home. This will accelerate your skin’s recovery time after your laser treatment for acne.
  2. Try to only wash with cold or tepid water for the first day after treatment while your skin is in the recovery stage. Be gentle on your skin and avoid the use of strongly scented lotions or soaps, exfoliating creams and aggressive scrubbing to the treated area as this may cause you slight discomfort.
  3. The redness will gradually subside over the next 24-48 hours.  In some cases it lasts up to 72 hours. Until the redness has resolved, avoid all of the following.
  4. You may use Real Results Recovery Gel as often as you like after your treatment, as the active ingredient has a cool calming agent.
  5. 72 hours after your treatment, it is advisable to avoid the following:
    • The use of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or Vitamin A products
    • Swimming pools and spas with multiple chemicals/chlorine
    • Activities that cause excessive perspiration
  6. If treating the face, do not apply makeup the same day unless it is a mineral makeup.
  7. Always remember to apply your SPF 30+ sunscreen everyday to protect your skin from the Australian sun.

Frequently Asked Question
Why is pulsed-light treatment preferable to topical acne medications?
Topical acne medications often irritate the skin, and more than 40% of acne bacteria are insensitive to oral antibiotics. Furthermore, topical treatments may produce severe side effects, are costly, and usually require at least 3-4 months of therapy.

How many treatments are required?
The typical regimen is 8 short treatment sessions over a period of a month to reduce papules and pustules by 60-65%

What are the advantages of Sharplight treatment of acne?
Treated patients experience no side effects, shorter disease duration and reduced psychological stress, as well as less likelihood for acne lesions to leave permanent scares

The following are some of the main advantages of SharpLight’s acne treatments:

    • Results are achieved quickly and without side effects.
    • Treatments are an effective, healthy alternative to acne medications.
    • Treatments are non-invasive, safe and relatively painless.
    • There is no down time involved.
    • Treatments have been proven successful for thousands of satisfied clients.

IPL: How We Put Your Safety FIRST

iplOur certified Estheticians have a thorough knowledge of the skin, and have been certified in the theoretical and practical use of the SharpLight Formax machine by SharpLight’s Head Clinical Trainer.

Each client will participate in a complimentary 30-45 minute consultation, at which point you will be required to complete a medical history profile. The technician will also inform you of any pre and post-care instructions, possible side effects, and what you can expect during and after your treatment. You may also be asked questions about your ethnic background and natural colouring in order to accurately diagnose your skin type. The technician will take a “Before” photo to track your progress, and administer a test pulse at least 24-48 hours prior to your first treatment, to ensure appropriate device settings. Certain medical conditions and/or prescription medications may require permission from your physician before pursuing treatment.

At the time of your IPL treatment, the Esthetician will first cleanse the skin, and protect your eyes with goggles. Our device does not require a gel, so you will feel the contact cooling tip directly on your skin ensuring maximum comfort. A slight flick, associated with a mild heat sensation may be felt. The treatment will be completed with the application of a soothing Aloe & Vitamin E Gel and a SPF 50 sunscreen (for sun exposed areas) to protect your skin from UV damage. Photo-Facial treatments also include a complimentary Seaweed Treatment to nourish the skin, reduce heat sensation and accelerate the cell regeneration process. This entire process may take up to an hour.

All of your treatment information will be diligently tracked and kept in your confidential file.

Please feel free to contact us and request to speak with one of our technicians to answer your individual questions, or to schedule your complimentary consultation.


What is pulsed light?

Pulsed light systems use hand-held flash lamps that emit gentle pulses of light which are absorbed in different skin lesions.  Excellent long term results are achieved when treating hair, superficial capillaries, skin pigmentation, acne and other skin lesions.

How does light-based technology work?

Light based technology is based on a method called “selective photothermolysis”, which works by selective destruction of a specified target without damaging surrounding tissue.  When treating textual complaints such as fine wrinkles and large pores, the light stimulates the growth of collagen which makes the skin glow and look more youthful.

Are pulsed-light treatments painful?

No. During the procedure a slight, momentary stinging sensation may be felt, but not pain.

Are pulsed-light aesthetic treatments safe?

All pulsed-light treatments are non-invasive and safe, with minimum side effects.

How does it work on the skin?

neocollagenesis is a process in which new collagen fibers are created under the skin, replacing damaged ones and filling the spaces where the fibers were destroyed, largely due to environmental factors.  the skin heals itself reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture.

How does it work on superficial capillaries?

The applied pulsed light is absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin in the blood within the vessel, causing the blood to coagulate and the vessel to break un into particles that are naturally filtered away through the lymphatic system of the body.

How does it work on pigmented lesions?

Targeted area’s absorb the applied light, breaking the pigmented lesion into tiny particles which then disappear or rise to the surface of the skin as scabs that are naturally exfoliated within 1-2 weeks.

How does it work for hair reduction?

Light energy is absorbed into the follicle and transformed into heat which coagulates the follicle.  Only follicles in active growth phase (approx. 20%) have enough pigment to absorb the light and reach necrosis temperature, which is why multiple treatments are necessary.